Inga Koval's success story

Inga Koval

Financial Director of Construction Machinery (CML). When big challenges arose in my career that required a modern approach to solving financial and analytical problems, I was lucky to learn about the Institute of Certified Financial Managers ICFM & ICB. Thanks to training and co-operation with the official representative of ICFM in Ukraine, I was able to gain invaluable experience and necessary knowledge that provide answers to questions that arise every day. The opportunity to contact and get the necessary advice or even help in resolving issues is priceless.

Special thanks to Helen Khorikova for the support, advancement of knowledge and development in the field of finance, accounting and management accounting in Ukraine and for faith in her students (partners).

The country has a huge shortage of high-quality training programmes for financiers, managers, and the ICFM & ICB Institute always gives us new knowledge and acquaintances, warmth and support. Thank you very much for your work.