Ethics & Regulations

ICFM members are committed to professional excellence, robust ethical standards, and compliance with the professional & technical standards required of accountants and finance managers by law and by ICB/ICFM.

Any individual who joins ICB/ICFM as a member must agree to be governed by the ICB Professional Conduct Regulations. The regulations set out the basic principles for ethical professional behavior and for duties to ICB, and they must be read in full and adhered to by all members at all times.

The regulations make clear the basis on which a member may be found to have committed misconduct sufficient to be expelled from membership, and also include the additional responsibilities placed on members in public practice. The regulations set out the correct process for resigning membership and for disciplinary hearings but, above all, they provide guidance to bookkeepers and an objective benchmark by which members can be assured of their own integrity and professional excellence.

If you are an ICB/ICFM member or an interested member of the public and have a question about ICB’s Professional Conduct Regulations or any other matter relating to Professional Standards, please send us an email to