Elena Nusinova's success story

Elena Nusinova

I have been working with ICFM since 2013 when I worked as head of the regional branch of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission of Ukraine. Training ICFM programmes has helped me acquire a wide range of skills and a unique opportunity to develop and gain new knowledge of the British programme directly in Ukraine.

Long-term co-operation demonstrates a truly unique ability to establish new relationships for a very wide range of effective top managers from different parts of the World. Now I take the position of the chief of the corporate rights division in Smart-Holding Company, the largest holding company in the real sector of the Ukrainian economy.

Thanks to ICFM, I can be a highly qualified professional, constantly getting new experiences and improving my professional skills. I am sure that ICFM in Ukraine provides ample opportunities for self-development, improvement and expansion of horizons. I appreciate and am proud of the unique opportunity to collaborate with ICFM ICB.p>