ICFM Ukraine

ICFM Ukraine was founded in September 2007 by Helen Khorikova and Aleksander Butenko

ICFM Ukraine is a non-profit organisation that conducts qualified training at Levels 5 - 9 of the National System UK qualifications. The ICFM programme is based on the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as maintained by the IFAC & IAESB. The full ICFM programme is over 500 hours.

Helen Khorikova, owner and co-founder of ICFM Ukraine, has 22 years of experience in consulting and education including implementing international programmes. She was recognised by multiple Ukrainian government awards. Ms Khorikova is an initiator of the official bookkeeping holiday (The Day of Bookkeeper) in Ukraine, organiser and initiator of International European, Eurasian Forums and Conferences, as well as a co-founder of many competitions for students in the field of accounting and auditing and much more.

ICFM Ukraine offers Associates Membership and the following qualifications:

Three basic qualification levels:

  • 1 level PFM Qualification “Professional Financial Manager (PFM)”, Dip PFM
  • 2 level СFM Qualifications “Certified Financial Manager (СFM)”, Dip CFM
  • 3 level CFD Qualification “Certified Financial Director (CFD)”, Dip CFD

Additional programmes:

  • Professional Internal Auditor Dip PIA
  • Certified Professional Internal Auditor Dip CPIA
  • Finance for Non-Financial managers MFM

The purpose of ICFM is to actively support specialists in the financial sector and provide training in international and management accounting. We help finance professionals implement a modern approach to solving issues to ensure that financial management is effectively integrated into the organsation to better serve its goals and objectives.

International certification and training on ICFM programmes offer certification and membership for professionals in the field of management, finance and accounting, IFRS and IAS, internal audit, legal aspects. We apply advanced European technologies, wide international experience and generally accepted standards of business education.

The prrogramme levels have been developed so that they are functional for students with different levels of knowledge and experience.

Activities and partnerships of the Institute IСFM Ukraine & ICB:

  • The National Commission on Securities and Stock Market of Ukraine Ministry of Finance of Ukraine (Officially has signed Memorandum with the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine MFU “On Cooperation and Partnership" № 3108420-05-27/25699 and with the Securities and Stock Market of Ukraine Ministry of Finance of Ukraine NSSMC of Ukraine "On Cooperation and Partnership" №8/04102015)
  • National Bank of Ukraine, the Audit Chamber of Ukraine, (was credited as a type of continuous improvement of professional knowledge of auditors in accordance with the Regulations on continuous improvement of professional knowledge of auditors of Ukraine, approved by the decision of the Audit Chamber of Ukraine № 178/5 from 31.05.2007, taking into account changes made by the decision of the Audit Chamber of Ukraine № 352/14 from 30.11 .2017 р.).
  • ICFM Ukraine Officially has Diplomas and letters of award for contribution to the development of the accounting, auditing, financial sector, stock market from: the National Commission for Regulation of Financial Services, The National Commission on Securities and Stock Market of Ukraine Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, National Bank of Ukraine, the Audit Chamber of Ukraine, project USAID/FINREP.
  • IСFM Ukraine has received recognition in the economic community of Ukraine, Europe and Eastern Europe. Cooperation and partnership with government agencies, professional international and national organizations: IFIs, NBUs, UBAs, NSSMCs, NCRFUs, STS, NBUs, USAID / FINREP, ICAEW, IFAC, GNIA, ICC and others.
  • Holding International Business Conferences, Eurasian and European Forums and Summits, supported by government agencies and ministries of Ukraine and Europe.
  • Memorandums with organizations in Eastern Europe, the Association of Professional Financial Managers of Azerbaijan, with the Association of Professional Accountants and Auditors of the Republic of Moldova, the Professional Organization Accountants Union Georgia ICFM Ukraine and its leader have many state and government awards for its activities since 1998 for their contribution to the development of the profession of an accountant and auditor in Ukraine, for the implementation of IFRS, Has and has been awarded the International Diploma and Order of Queen Anne "Honor of the Fatherland on a Silver Star" for conscientious service to Ukraine, has repeatedly and was awarded LUCA Awards.
  • ICFM Ukraine Сo-organizer and partner of the Competition "The Best Accountant of Ukraine”, partner of Contests in Ukraine for students and youth in the field of IFRS and finance, accounting and audit, together with national professional organizations and Universities of Ukraine.
  • ICFM Ukraine Has its own Methodological Center and Independent Expert Center. To control the process of testing knowledge and ensuring the quality of this process, the Department of quality control of training centers and accreditation of teachers has been established.
  • ICFM applies international education standards, taking into account Ukrainian law and in close cooperation with regulatory authorities and ministries of Ukraine.

Over 6,000 people took part in and trained during the period of the Institute's activity.