Kamaladdin Guliyev's success story

Kamaladdin Guliyev

The first years of my labour activity coincided with the beginning of the practical implementation of IFRS in Azerbaijan. Close involvement in these processes required great responsibility and efforts, but the main barrier was many uncertainties. I have participated in lots of training and internship programmes to overcome these barriers.

The training programmes of the Institute of Certified Financial Managers (ICFM) took a special place among them. Thanks to the knowledge I gained, I was able to work in a team with professionals who work tirelessly in large companies operating in Azerbaijan. At times, our goals may seem impossible and distant, but healthy teamwork and the constant exchange of professional information gained as a member of the APFM, official representative of ICFM in Azerbaijan, reliable partnership have made the impossible possible and brought the far closer. I highly appreciate our co-operation with ICFM.