Ilhama Mammadova's success story

Ilhama Mammadova

The story I want to tell is not the success of one person, but the success of a team.

The beginning of my story dates to 10 years ago. In early 2011, one of Azerbaijan's leading government organisations invited professionals to work in this organisation to establish a modern accounting system and application of financial reporting standards. Specialists who worked in different companies united as a team, as a family, working day and night, tirelessly fighting for a common goal. Since everything started from scratch, the weight and difficulty of the work were inevitable. In the beginning, we faced many questions, uncertainties and problems. But ICFM's professional team was always with us.

ICFM - Certified Financial Managers Institute, which highly appreciated the high professionalism of the above-mentioned work in a short period, recognised Azersu OJSC in 2012 as the most successful company in the transition to International Financial Reporting Standards and actively continuing the training process with Luca Award “Best Company of the Year”. It was the success of a team, and each of us, including me, had a share in that success. This success called us to believe in our strength, to be more active in the future, to constantly develop. Currently, our team is constantly updated with specialists who participate in different courses organised based on ICFM programmes and acquires relevant knowledge. Regular seminars provide us with timely updates on legislative developments. Thus, ICFM is always with us - as a true friend, a reliable partner.