Mila Bessmann's success story

Mila Bessmann

Mila Bessmann is a serial entrepreneur and investor with a focus on exponential technologies and exposure to renewable energy and trade-in commodities.

Mila has successfully passed all the exams and got the International qualification diploma Certified financial manager DipCFM. This allowed her to make a career in the international market (EBRD in London), attracting investments in innovative projects.

Mila Bessman is a financial analyst and web developer. Master of Science in International Finance from Geneva Business School. Three IT patent applications in the UK and USA. Built five biofuel factories under governmental programmes in green energy in the CIS. Worked at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Board Trustee and Treasurer at BPUR International supported by the European Parliament.

Her latest venture, Vidina, specialises in developing machine-learning algorithms using neural networks for real-time photorealistic 3D body and environment reconstruction from a single web camera.